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All of us will eventually become incapacitated and/or pass away... often times without warning.  When that day arrives, a good estate plan will insure that your assets are being properly invested for your benefit and then, upon your passing, distributed to whom you have designated pursuant to any conditions you have put in place.  Morevover, a good estate plan will keep all of your assets and your spouse, children, and loved ones out of the probate attorney's office and the probate courtroom.  A good plan will further insure that your business is being tended to by people hand-picked by you who are operating pursuant to rules and guidelines predetermined by you.  And lastly, a good plan will allow these people to tend to your business privately and efficiently, from a time, cost, and 'headache' perspective, 

As an attorney, my mission is to provide simple, straight forward estate planning services at very affordable prices.  I accomplish this by restricting my practice areas to estate planning and uncontested family law matters, only. This allows me to hugely reduce my overhead expenses and, thus, my fees.  All consultations are free.  All services are provided for a reasonable flat fee - consultations, counsel, advice, documenation prep, and questions/guidance after the fact.  In fact, I engourage all of my existing clients to contact me regularly with questions about their estate plan, and they can and do at no additional charge.

As your attorney, I will help you build an Estate Plan that best suits your needs and those of your family. I know each situation is unique and the 'one size fits all' model of practicing law simply does not work well. My commitment is to represent you every step of the way and know what is important to you.  And, if you happen to present an issue that is beyond my expertise, I am always quick to make a good referral.   

For more information, I invite you to take a moment to fill out the quick contact form (click here) with a brief description of your needs or call my office at (870) 424-6337 or e-mail me at to schedule a free consultation.

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As an attorney, I pride myself in cultivating great client relationships. I know that confidence in the advice, service, and documents you recieve is not only important, it is key to the overall outcome and success of an often times stressful situation. If you'd like to learn more about my services, please fill out this quick contact form to schedule your free initial consultation.