... but all I need is a simple Will."

I hear these words regularly – “All I need is a simple Will.”  Curiously enough, no one who tells me this can tell me what a “simple” Will is (I, myself, do not know), much less why it is all they need.  I suspect what they are really thinking is, “If I hire this this guy, he’d better not make things seem more complicated than they are… and overcharge me for something that should be simple!”  The ‘skinny of it’ is this – there is only one no-brainer when it comes to estate planning – avoid probate!  What most people don’t understand, however, is that your Will is your plan and tool for probate.  You need something more than a "simple" Will.  The question is, "What?"    

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Beginning February 21, 2024, I will be beginning the process of closing my law practice to join First Security Bank's Trust Department at their Mountain Home location. From that date forth, I will no longer be accepting new clients or providing existing clients with any ongoing legal counsel. Please know that you may locate another attorney of your choosing by going to www.arkbar.com.

If you are a past estate planning client and would like photocopies of your original documents (the originals should be in your possession and/or control), please contact me as soon as is reasonably practical to make those arrangements. Best methods to contact me are listed below in order of preference:

1. travis@fordlawfirmmh.com

2. Text 870-405-5245

3. Call 870-405-5245

4. Call 870-424-6337

Although it has been a pleasure practicing law for the last 25 years, I am eager to transfer my estate planning experience to estate administration by serving as a trust officer at First Security Bank. If you find yourself looking for a trustee, I hope you will consider me.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please know I stand available.


Travis W. Ford