The main purpose of an Estate Plan?

News flash - "We're all mortal!"  And, many of us will become incapacitated prior to our passing.  Unfortunately, these realities often do not sink in until they are at our doorstep.  Every good Estate Plan addresses both of these issues.  The key is to assemble your well-stocked Estate Planning 'Toolbox" while your alive and well and not under the stress of major medical issues.

In short, the general purpose of a good Estate Plan (for the vast majority of us) is actually three-fold:  first, to insure that someone you've handpicked is tending to your business when you can't (due to your death or incapacity); second, to provide that someone with estate planning tools custom made for you and your family; and third, to keep those connected to you and all of your assets away from probate.

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