The most important issue to address with any estate plan is...

The most important issue to address and question to answer with any estate plan is this – “Who will be in charge of my business when I can’t tend to it?”


Your ‘go to’ person needs to be someone:  1) you trust unequivocally; 2) who is not easily swayed by those around them to do something not in line with your best interests (there will likely be someone trying to drag them off into the weeds); and 3) who, preferably, has no money problems of their own, such that they’d be tempted to mishandle your monies. 


You can have the best estate planning docs… and the best plan on paper, BUT if you put the wrong person in charge of the paper, things won’t go very well.

Final thought - If there is no individual(s) who fits the bill, may I suggest a Trust Department at a local bank - perhaps a bank you already use.

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