What every estate planning 'toolbox' should have...

"The 3-ring Estate Planning Portolio binder" - all of my clients know I call it "the Toolbox" (each document indexed and organized in the binder get used like a tool).  But, what 'tools' should it contain?  Below is a list of 'tools' to consider.

    1)    Last Will & Testament;

    2)    Durable Power of Attorney for Personal and Business Affairs;

    3)    Power of Attorney for Healthcare;

    4)    Living Will;

    5)    Stand-Alone HIPAA Waiver;

    6)    Final Disposition declaration; 

    7)     often, but not always, a Revocable Trust Agreement; 

    8)    various 'subset tools' to a Trust Agreement; and

    9)    an Estate Inventory list itemizing things owned by deed, account name, policy, etc.


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