Estate Planning

In the end, not much matters in life other than your family. To safeguard and maximize the distribution of your property to your family or charities, you will need to spend some time planning for how your estate and your business and personal affairs will be managed if/when you become incapacitated, as well as upon your death.

Fail to plan and it is very likely that a probate attorney will be needed to 'probate' much of your estate.  And inevitably, that attorney will be paid a sizeable fee out of your estate before anything is passed to your children or other beneficiaries.  What's more, the probate process ties up assets for months, sometimes years, delaying distribution to your children and beneficiaries.  It is also a public matter, subjecting your estate to creditors.  Other than sheer oversight or neglect, there is simply no reason to allow any of your assets or your family to fall subject to probate and the pitfalls that come with it.

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