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I understand that legal document preparation is no easy task and can be daunting.  I also know that family dynamics can be overwhelming.  Form documents that are 'off the shelf' and 'one size fits all' can often times cause more problems than they solve.  I will work with you to establish the right legal documents that will adddress your particular issues and concerns.

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Most attorneys can deliver decent advice and decent documents.  The attorney/client relationship, however, is also (and maybe even moreso) key to overall client satisfaction.  For this to happen, the attorney must be easily accessible.  This may be where I have distinguished myself the most from other attorneys.  My clients come to know that they can have my time and attention when needed.  They are confident that I will return their voicemail, e-mail, or text that very day, and usually within a few minutes or couple of hours.  And, if they want to sit across from me at my conference table, they know they have that option, too, and almost always within a day or two of their request.  If you'd like to learn more about my services, please fill out this quick contact form to schedule your free initial consultation. 

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