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Travis Ford graduated from Mountain Home High School in 1990.  After high school, he set out for an accounting degree at Missouri State University where he graduated cum laude in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.  From there, he went to the University of Arkansas, School of Law – Fayetteville, obtaining his Juris Doctorate Degree and Arkansas attorney’s license in 1998.  Travis acquired his Missouri attorney’s license in 2000.  After spending several years in various areas of law practice and accounting in Northwest Arkansas and Minnesota, he and his wife, Kara, returned to Mountain Home in 2008 to raise their family.

Upon coming home, Travis has worked heavily in the areas of family law and estate planning.  His practice now, however, is focused solely on estate planning, with an emphasis on simple, straightforward probate avoidance planning.

Travis is a member of the American Bar Association, Arkansas Bar Association, and Baxter County Bar Association.  He has served on the Good Samaritan Board of Advisors, the Mountain Home Education Foundation Advisory Board, the Board of Directors for Serenity, Inc., and has been a mentor for the Mountain Home High School and Guy Berry Alternative School.    

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Most attorneys can deliver decent advice and decent documents.  The attorney/client relationship, however, is also (and maybe even moreso) key to overall client satisfaction.  For this to happen, the attorney must be easily accessible.  This may be where I have distinguished myself the most from other attorneys.  My clients come to know that they can have my time and attention when needed.  They are confident that I will return their voicemail, e-mail, or text that very day, and usually within a few minutes or couple of hours.  And, if they want to sit across from me at my conference table, they know they have that option, too, and almost always within a day or two of their request.  If you'd like to learn more about my services, please fill out this quick contact form to schedule your free initial consultation.